A New Year Surprise

With the start of a New Year, we have a tendency to look more optimistically at what is ahead.

This year, I can report that a welcome surprise was delivered by David Sparks at his MacSparky.com site and on the Mac Power Users podcast.

David is a veteran podcaster, a Mac power user in his own right and a true professional. Over the last several years, David has juggled his creative enterprises with that of his law practice.

All of that has changed as of 2022. David has shuttered his law practice and is devoting all of his career time to experimentation, productivity and creation. It’s a tremendous move both for David and for his followers. Take a look at what is on offer at his site; there are now three tiers of paid membership beyond what you can get for free from MacSparky. As with everything David does, he has developed a membership program that represents great value, at each of three reasonable price points.

While I listened to David describe his journey into this new phase of his career, I had to smile not just for him; but also, because of the transition I have made in my career since 2018.

And something else too… I have a few surprises of my own that will be rolling out this January 2022.

Let’s make every year a creative one.