Coaching Questions Podcast is now on the Air!

The Coaching Questions Podcast Is Almost Here

My colleague, Donna Hall, and I are pleased to announce the launch of Coaching Questions, a new podcast to be released on January 10, 2022. The podcast will tackle a single coaching related question in each episode. Questions may either be typical of the type that are asked during coaching sessions with clients or be related to typical questions a coaching client may have about the coaching process. While the podcast does not replicate or replace a coaching session; we do hope that it will provide a thought provoking platform for personal insight.

A lot has changed in the podcasting world since I shutdown my first podcast feed back in 2009. When I started podcasting in November 2004, I was in the first cohort of 400 podcasters. In those days, podcasts were hard to find and to listen to. It seemed like there were more podcasts than listeners. Now there are thousands and thousands of podcasts, but it can still be hard to find what you are looking for among the endless lists of titles.

Our podcast is direct and personal. Drawing on experiences from our careers, we share knowledge that we have lived and learned from. Donna is an empathetic and engaging coach. She holds both a Chartered Professional in Human Resources and Certified Executive Coach accreditation. You can find out about her at Donna Hall Coaching. I am an ICF accredited Associate Certified Coach and Professional Engineer that you can read about here and at LinkedIn. Both Donna and I are graduates of the Executive Coaching program at Royal Roads University.

I will be sharing information on how and where you can listen to the Coaching Questions podcast on January 10, 2022. We look forward to hearing from you. Don’t be afraid to ask a question!