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Hi, I'm Brad Gibson.

Your journey -- especially our coaching journey together -- is important to me.

I have a journey of my own that encompasses creativity, communication, family and career. While I studied Engineering, I was a radio host and DJ. I have worked in a variety of tech and management positions over the years, but also had the time to be an early pioneer in podcasting.

What I have learned along the way is that I can never learn enough. My coaching clients teach me something new every week. I learn when I listen and as your coach, I will listen.

For the 411 on me, check out my LinkedIn Profile. If you have any questions, drop me a line here. Or you can call and leave a message at (858) 683-3116

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Comments from Clients

Brad helped me visualize the things I was working on with him. - JM

Wow, thank you. I didn't expect that I would go that deep. - "M"

I was very happy that I decided to do the coaching. Thank you for guiding me through it! - TS

I was able to reflect on my situation and take the steps needed to care for myself - AM

I've learned so much as a result of my coaching sessions with Brad! He was able to dig past all of the "stuff" and get to the real issues that had been lurking underneath the surface. I'll always be grateful for my coaching sessions with him. - MH

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