The Cognitive Task List

A lamp in the sand

I once used a note entitled “Cognitive Task List” but with the advent of the current crop of linked note taking apps, I now use a system of tagged ideas.

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Coaching Questions Podcast Update

close up photo of a condenser microphone

It’s been awhile since I posted here about the Coaching Questions podcast. Let’s catch you up! Donna Hall and I, have recorded 11 episodes and posted 10 of them as of the end of May 2022. Podcasting with Donna is a tremendously fun experience and we are also pleased with the traction we have gained,…

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Our Example


When we post on social media we are leading by example. Whether we are posting an original thought or responding to somebody else, our words are an example of our thinking. Each contribution is a small sample of the person we are and of the mind that we possess. Will our posts be judged? Yes,…

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What keeps you up at night?

On the latest episode of the Coaching Questions podcast, Donna and I discuss the question: ‘What keeps you up at night?’ A coaching session can move from big issues, to more specific issues and back again before we really get to the heart of what is causing us to be stuck. We talk about: The…

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