I posted about how the dogged persistence of coach-led or self-directed questioning can lead to getting deeper to the heart of an issue in Getting to the Essence of Aspiration. In a recent podcast, Wolf McNally approaches this topic from a slightly different angle. Being a Theory of Constraints student, he looks at how actions can be explored to come up with the best course of action. In You Might Have to Shave a Yak he talks about not accepting the term “I don’t know”; you need to keep asking questions. You need to be persistent in order to make progress.


Here’s my Apple podcasts review of “Beware of Wolf”:
Wolf’s podcast is a good solo effort in the advice/ self-help genre. A bit of a throwback in the podcasting sense, it’s produced like a syndicated radio feature piece from the 1970s. (In fact, Wolf refers to Earl Nightingale in one of the episodes.) It’s scripted and uses musical interlude; don’t let that throw you off – listen to the words and concepts. Wolf is a talented software and technology pro who has a lot to offer. As a professional coach, I can sense that Wolf is a curious soul that is receptive to thoughtful input and would likely make a good coach himself. The positivity and life lessons he speaks to are applicable to anyone at any stage of their life or career.

“Snow Yak” by SamHawleywood is licensed under CC BY 2.0