The Cognitive Task List

A lamp in the sand

I once used a note entitled “Cognitive Task List” but with the advent of the current crop of linked note taking apps, I now use a system of tagged ideas.

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Coaching Questions Podcast Update

close up photo of a condenser microphone

It’s been awhile since I posted here about the Coaching Questions podcast. Let’s catch you up! Donna Hall and I, have recorded 11 episodes and posted 10 of them as of the end of May 2022. Podcasting with Donna is a tremendously fun experience and we are also pleased with the traction we have gained,…

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Coaching and Diversity

assorted colored chalks on wood surface

A coach may be called on to listen unconditionally. If you want to talk to your coach about issues of diversity and difference, no matter what the frame, please celebrate your decision.

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10,000 Foot Perspectives for Determining Workload


I may be the Possibility Coach to a few people, but that doesn’t mean I don’t use tech tools to help solve problems in my and my consulting clients businesses. As a result, this blog is about more than just coaching. If that ‘s all you want to see, you can limit your view of…

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That Persistence Thing…

A Yak

I posted about how the dogged persistence of coach-led or self-directed questioning can lead to getting deeper to the heart of an issue in Getting to the Essence of Aspiration. In a recent podcast, Wolf McNally approaches this topic from a slightly different angle. Being a Theory of Constraints student, he looks at how actions can be explored…

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Look Up Moments

Atlantic coast with the moon visible at dusk

Many of the conversations that I have with people are work related. Listening attentively has been a key in establishing trust and intimacy in those coaching situations. Many people feel like they are rarely noticed in their work environment, let alone listened to. When they get time and attention that does not involve somebody checking…

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Getting to the Essence of Aspiration

Winter scene sunset

There are often times where the process of “Getting Stuck” is due to an overwhelm of aspirational thoughts in our head. Many of those thoughts are masquerading as viable, however they may be unrelated; vying for importance or “me” time with your conscious mind. We often see or experience something another person has or does…

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The First Post


This is the obligatory first post at my new site. It’s been over 10 years now since I last blogged on my own site. A period of time that incorporated some of the most intense change and transformation in my life. So, yes, it’s good to be back.  If you are interested in talking to…

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