Coaching Questions Podcast: Given this situation, what would you like to create?

We first heard this question on Phil Goddard’s Coaching Life Podcast (Episode 80) with Steve Chandler.  While some creations do not see the light of day, our personal creations are usually intended to be shared. That’s how we build on our avocation, practice or business; through creative contributions for those we serve.  Brad’s vision encompasses creativity…

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What keeps you up at night?

On the latest episode of the Coaching Questions podcast, Donna and I discuss the question: ‘What keeps you up at night?’ A coaching session can move from big issues, to more specific issues and back again before we really get to the heart of what is causing us to be stuck. We talk about: The…

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The Coaching Questions Podcast Is Almost Here

Coaching Questions Podcast is now on the Air!

My colleague, Donna Hall, and I are pleased to announce the launch of Coaching Questions, a new podcast to be released on January 10, 2022. The podcast will tackle a single coaching related question in each episode. Questions may either be typical of the type that are asked during coaching sessions with clients or be…

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Brain Hobbyist

As a child, I was regaled with the accomplishments of Dr. Wilder Penfield[1], then started reading self-help books, moved on to popular works about the brain, became entranced by early brain fMRI work, developed a lay interested in psychology and am still an avid reader of next-gen brain science. Both my study of management and…

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Coaching and Diversity

assorted colored chalks on wood surface

A coach may be called on to listen unconditionally. If you want to talk to your coach about issues of diversity and difference, no matter what the frame, please celebrate your decision.

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Look Up Moments

Atlantic coast with the moon visible at dusk

Many of the conversations that I have with people are work related. Listening attentively has been a key in establishing trust and intimacy in those coaching situations. Many people feel like they are rarely noticed in their work environment, let alone listened to. When they get time and attention that does not involve somebody checking…

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